tradition meets modern – consciously the classic methods of wine making in mind and combinig them with the newest state of the art techniques, and as important the unique location of our vinyards at the southern foothills of „Günser Gebirge“, which seperates the mid from the southern part of Burgenland and which is the change over from the eastern part of the alps to the hungarian lowlands (pannionien low lands). The mountain, geologicaly also called „Rechnitzer Window“ is built up of metamorph, cristal schist and magmatic rock, which exist in this way only in 3 other places in the world. It is affected by the prehistoric rock formations of the alps, the penninikum, and not overlayed by younger rock, which give the wine its distinctive character.

each and every day striving to produce wine which reflect what the winemaker made his ideology – WINE OF PURE PASSION